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FAQs of General Paper Tuition


Question: how do I make payment?

General Paper  Private home Tuition Lessons

For GP individual lessons, the tuition fees will only be collected after every 4 lessons.

For the first 4 lessons, our Agency will only receive commission for completion of the first 2 lessons.

At the end of the first 2 lessons successfully completed by the GP tutor, the student/parent shall forward 50% of the tuition fees of the 2 lessons to the agency. The General Paper home tutor shall receive the remaining 50% at the end of the 4th lesson.

Thereafter, ALL the fees for subsequent lessons from the 5th lesson accrues to the home tutor.

Example: The General Paper home tuition teacher charges $100 /hr. In a typical month of 4 lessons, 8 hours of lessons wold have been conducted.

At the end of the 2nd lesson, the Agency claims 50% of the tuition fees of the 2 lessons as Agency commission.

Per hour: 100

Per lesson: 200

2 lessons: 400

Therefore, Agency commission is $400.

(Note: Terms are negotiable for individual tuition lessons. Kindly call our Tuition Coordinator at 65547170, for sourcing effective GP tutors and better rates)


Question: What are the various payment options?

  1. Cash
    Students/Parents can pass the fees to the tutor in the classroom.


  1. Payment via Cheque
    Students may issue a crossed cheque and present to the General Paper tutor upon the next lesson.Kindly indicate name, class time-slot, and contact number behind the cheque.



Question: What are the tuition fees and rates?

Our General Paper tuition rates are very affordable and very competitive. For instance, our group rates range from $35 to $45 per hour. The difference depends on when you or your child joins the lessons. The earlier you join, the lower the rate.

There’s also a nominal one-time administrative fee.


Question: What do you mean by your first lesson being RISK-FREE?

Any student can attend any of our GP group lessons and classes on a risk free basis. By this, we mean that you can come for the first GP lesson literally without any risk.

In the very unlikely event (read our GP tutor testimonials here) that we do not add value to your GP revision at all, naturally you are disappointed, and would like to stop all future lessons.

We do not object. That means, if after the risk free lesson, you wish to discontinue the second and all future lessons, there are totally NO charges to you. Hence, the meaning risk-free.

(Note: this applies at all times within 36 months of the date of the first risk-free lesson.)

(Note: The risk-free trial lesson does NOT apply to individual home tuition lessons, only group lessons.)

(You can request for a GP home tutor here)


Question: Miscellaneous

Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable
No refund will be made once registration is confirmed. Fees are not transferable to any third parties.


Student is required to at least 4 weeks’ notice to withdraw from General Paper lessons.


For Group Lesson
There will be no refunds or make-up lessons for any absenteeism, late coming or cancellation of any sort.


Relief of General Paper Instructor
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserves the rights to send a relief General Paper Workshop instructor should your instructor is unavailable.


Student is required to have the necessary writing equipments such as pen, paper and calculator for the General Paper tutorial classes.


We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending the General Paper lessons and this includes all cost and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.


FAQs for General Paper Tutors


Question: Do I receive payments for CPF?

No, there are no CPF payments for tuition services rendered by you, unless you are a full time or part time staff with the company.

As you are engaged by the company as an independent contracted service provider, the fees paid to you is purely for your services rendered.

There is then No CPF paid, along with the absence of sick leave, annual leave and medical benefits. Also  , you have to account for your own tax matters.


Question: how often am I, as a tutor paid?

Usually, tutors are paid at the end of every 4 lessons, unless upon special requests by the tutor. Upon approval, the company may pay with a different schedule, such as at the end of every 2 lessons.


Question: Are there any binding agreements?

In order to behave in a professional manner at all times, we do require all tutors, regardless of contracted service providers, part-time or full time tutors to agree to the Non-Compete Agreement. (Please see the Agreement below.)

This agreement goes into effect, in either verbal (for contracted service providers and part timers) or written agreement (for full timers only). By taking up any teaching positions, it is taken that you will have read this Non-Compete Agreement, and agreed to this Agreement.

In addition, for full time tutors, we require also the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which requires that, while under employment or in the event of leaving the company, tutors must not disclose any confidential information of the company.

This Agreement will be in effect upon signing a written agreement.


Non-Compete Agreement

For good consideration and as an inducement for Adam Smith Learning agency Pte Ltd, Blk 230 Bishan Street 23, #B1-35 Singapore 570230 (“Company”) to appoint ________________________________ (“Tutor”) as a Tutor, the undersigned Tutor hereby agrees not to directly or indirectly compete with the business of the Company and its successors and assigns during the period of appointment and for a period of 06 (SIX) months following termination of the appointment and notwithstanding the cause or reason for termination.

The term “non-compete” as used herein shall mean that the Tutor shall not own, manage, operate, consult or be employed in a business substantially similar to, or competitive with, the present business of the Company or such other business activity in which the Company may substantially engage during the term of appointment.

The Tutor acknowledges that the Company shall or may be in reliance of this agreement provide Tutor access to trade secrets, customers and other confidential data and good will. Tutor agrees to retain said information as confidential and not to use said information on his or her own behalf or disclose same to any third party.

This non-compete agreement shall extend only to Singapore, and shall be in full force and effect for 06 (SIX) months, commencing with the date of the termination of appointment.

The agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives.

This agreement shall be construed and interpreted by the laws of Singapore. The courts of Singapore shall have jurisdiction.


GP Tuition Singapore reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.